Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you make this out of?…
A: We are often asked what types of wood we can use for a particular piece of furniture. Typically we build exclusively in hardwood and while we have certain preferences borne of experience, we will work with clients to determine the most appropriate wood for their needs and the furniture’s intended function.

Q: Will you build me a?…
A: The world of handcrafted furniture opens up many possibilities. We are not limited by production runs or any particular genre of style. In short, we have a number of popular designs but are open to accepting commissions for furniture designs suited to your interests.

Q: Is the finish durable?
A: Our standard finish is a high quality urethane varnish which provides excellent protection and wood presentation. However, we have worked with and can supply furniture in any number of alternative finishes. This is best left to a discussion with the potential purchaser so that the relative advantages and disadvantages can be presented.

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